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Here are just a few!  


Dr. Michael Williams has seen the results of many foals over the past years and has recently referred equine with post surgical hernias to us for this device and treatment.


Susan mare has not needed a third surgery.  She does have two quarter size areas remaining, but is still a working horse at Susan's ranch. 
Dr. Ted Fisher, Jr., with Chino Valley Equine Hospital, Chino, Ca.,is her Surgeon and has given us permission to list him as a professional reference.


Pam's show horse is not going to need another surgery. All of the hernias were reduced and closed. Her horse is now back on the show ring without any problem. Since part of this method of reduction was exercise, she did not have any delay to get her horse into physical shape to compete. There are many more just like Pam's horse.



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Click here to see Laurie's testimonial for her foal's umbilical hernia.